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Realized objects
On August 24, 2016, Winner Group Ukraine signed an agreement on intentions with the Bentley brand on the territory of Ukraine. BENTLEY KYIV is now the only Bentley sales and service dealer on the territory of Ukraine.
The office of the company is located in the business center "Parus" in Kyiv.
The residential complex “L-QuarterL” can be found on the side street of V. Vasilevsky Blvd. V. Gavel in the Solom'yansky district of metro Kyiv. The complex includes 5 sections 7 to 25 over 25.
(Русский) В 2016 году компания Advansys завершила работы на очередном объекте сети кинотеатров «Планета-Кино».
One of the best sports complexes in Ukraine - Liko Sports Center