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Project implementation
In the process of project implementation, the main criteria are reliability, safety and quality. This level is possible due to regular training of personnel, monitoring compliance with labor protection rules, a responsible approach to work. Of course, first of all, the implementation stage must be approached with adequately balanced terms. But also do not forget that when building any new processes or structures, competent managers are valued, because the key to the success of a high-quality implementation of the system is the correct organization of the work process, a high degree of discipline in the team and the creation of comfortable conditions for a productive environment.
Installation and commissioning of engineering systems at real estate objects
Advansys Group company carries out installation and commissioning works on a number of engineering systems: • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning • Water supply and sewerage • Security systems: video surveillance, burglar alarms, intercom, control system and access control • Fire alarm, fire extinguishing • Lightning protection, grounding • Lighting design, lighting systems • Cable systems: power supply, structured cabling systems • Multimedia and IT infrastructure • Automation and dispatching • Alternative energy systems When working on a project of any complexity to achieve the best results, you need to regularly pay attention to the quality of installation and construction works. It doesn't matter if work is underway on the facade of the building, external or internal engineering communications, specialists who implement solutions designed on paper face possible shortcomings and inconsistencies in real life, and it depends only on their qualifications whether the system will fulfill its assigned tasks and functions, or will rather become a "decorative" element of the interior. It is also worth requiring the installation organization to have certificates confirming competence in working with this or that equipment.