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Office UNB - Ukrnefteburenie: Private gas production

The company’s foundation dates back to 1981. At this time, the Sakhalin oil and gas condensate field was opened in the Kharkiv region. Yes, since 2004, the company has registered itself as PJSC “Ukrnaftoburiny”, is gaining momentum in the industry. Already in 2013, as a result of major repairs to 12 oil and gas wells, the UNB increased its natural gas production by 80% and oil by 45%. The volumes of hydrocarbon production in the Sakhalin field, taking into account the projects implemented in joint activities, increased 3-fold. At present, the company is developing the Sakhalin field by using leading world technologies in drilling and development of wells. The mission is to make a significant contribution to the development of the oil and gas complex and the energy independence of Ukraine.


Private gas company, which introduces advanced well drilling experience in Ukraine.

Access Control System
Video Surveillance
Complex of installation work of systems
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