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We effectively implement complex projects on all types of commercial real estate. Project development, professional construction, commissioning and maintenance of facilities.
o carry out quality control and compliance with the required rules and regulations during construction - technical supervision is required. This is the foundation that will help to achieve a good result and eliminate risks at all stages of construction. Technical supervision assumes maximum protection of client's interests, verification of actual volumes of work, verification of estimates and acts of the contractor, performance of control dates, etc.

Building Consulting

Find the right way to minimize operating costs and save energy in real estate! Analyzing and developing sound engineering solutions at all stages of project implementation allows you to compose systems that will meet the needs of the project and the expectations of the client. Creation of an engineering concept, narrows the range of problems to a minimum for making a decision, gives an understanding of the budget, incl. for the purchase and installation of equipment and predicts how it will work in the building based on energy modeling.
The concept of integrated engineering infrastructure allows you to model technical solutions that are adapted as much as possible to the conditions of the facility and the requirements of the Customer. In addition, when developing the concept, future operating conditions are taken into account, allowing you to optimize the operation of the engineering infrastructure and minimize costs during the operation phase. In fact, the concept determines the functionality of the future object, allowing you to see the life cycle of the complex in advance, analyze its performance under various operating modes and operating conditions. This service involves solving complex issues for making informed decisions when determining the effectiveness of engineering systems that provide real estate life and comfort with minimizing operating costs.
How to save up to 50% of maintenance costs?
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The project for the construction of the conceptual dealership Jaguar Land Rover Lviv has been completed
The project of reconstruction of the Soft Packaging Factory with an increase in production capacity has been successfully completed
Congratulations to the customer, partners and team of our company on the successful project in the first store of the new ULTRAMARKET network
The business center meets modern energy efficiency requirements through effective climate solutions, building automation and dispatching systems, the use of alternative energy sources
We have extensive experience in energy efficiency of buildings, which will be needed in the future reconstruction of city buildings.
Advansys Group is completing the implementation of the engineering infrastructure of the Space4 business center in Rivne (Ukraine).
Dear employees and partners! We stick together and do everything to defeat the enemy and strengthen our beautiful country.
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