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In modern realities, the network infrastructure and its content deserve special attention. Information technologies, with their current level of penetration into our daily lives, have long become an integral part of any business, in addition, far from being the least expensive. The IT component of any business is becoming more and more technological every day. Active network equipment and unified communications architecture equipment have become an integral part of the office, without which the functioning of the business is impossible. Today these are distribution networks, data processing and storage systems, redundancy systems, wireless networks, video conferencing systems and systems for ensuring collaboration. Multimedia technology, in turn, is an effective marketing tool that allows you to achieve success much faster.
Maintenance of networks requires highly qualified personnel and, as a result, high costs for their maintenance and regular training. Today, the management of any level faces the question of optimizing costs and reducing the cost of maintaining non-core business tasks. Outsourcing of services for the maintenance and maintenance of IT infrastructure, and is designed to solve the problem of reducing costs for your IT company. It is easy to appreciate the benefits of using an external company to solve IT problems by looking at the cost items that are typical for your own IT department:
• IT department salary budget and related tax deductions.
• Budget for regular professional training of employees.
• Medical insurance, travel and related expenses.
• Office space and workplace of employees that indirectly affect the success of the business.

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