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Energy management is the management and technical activities of the company's personnel aimed at rational and efficient use of fuel and energy resources.
Complex of devices consisting of elements providing connection of heating and hot water supply system to centralized heating network
Block-modular boiler rooms are separate autonomous transportable units or units of units equipped with all the necessary heating equipment.
Laws of Ukraine, standards and regulations on energy efficiency. Select and download the required information.
Lighting of any object is both aesthetic and practical. Light can add appeal to any design, be-cause the play of light and shadows can make the object look much more profitable and in-teresting.
Integrated security systems create comfortable conditions for robots and human life, completely eliminating or reducing the possibility of dangerous situations.
The IT component of any business is becoming more and more technological every day. Active network equipment and unified communications architecture equipment have become an integral part of the office, without which the functioning of the business is impossible.
The green energy becomes a natural compo-nent of the engineering complex of a modern facility. And investments in alternative energy are an advantageous capital investment
Timely response of the system to changes in internal or external environment, makes it possible to save up to 50% on the operational costs of the facility.
The modern power supply system is a complex set of technical means designed to provide consumers with electrical energy
The cable system of a modern real estate facility provides an object with an electric current, which enables the operation of all building systems.
A complex set of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems always requires highly qualified and responsible engineers.
What does effective construction consist of? How can you predict and get the result according to the plan? Engineering Concept Development!
When designing ventilation systems, energy efficiency yardstick is considered to be of the utmost importance. What measures and equipment are required to ensure the energy efficiency of ventilation equipment?
The trend for "green" construction dates back to the beginning of the first energy crisis of the 70s of the last century. When the price of energy resources made everyone turn their attention to the importance of the problem of energy conservation.
A very important point in the functioning of any building intended for the use of groups of people is the availability of an effective air conditioning and ventilation system. Good air quality and favorable microclimate has a direct impact on ...