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  • Advansys Group is completing the implementation of engineering infrastructure for Space4

Advansys Group is completing the implementation of the engineering infrastructure of the Space4 business center in Rivne (Ukraine). Despite the conditions of martial law, the company’s team works smoothly and reliably. Advansys Group continues to provide quality services for the design and construction of energy-efficient real estate in Ukraine and Europe.

Space4 is the first innovative business center built according to the international BREEAM standard and the only one with Class A offices in Rivne. Space4 is part of a 5.5-hectare complex development that includes residential areas and infrastructure facilities. The business center includes 5000 m2 of class A real estate, offices equipped with Open Space technology, designed for IT companies, head-offices, has a presentation area in the glass atrium, fitness club Sport Life (VIP-format) with spa -area and 3 swimming pools, 24-hour concierge service, food court, shopping areas to provide full infrastructure and comfort for office tenants, recreation areas and a large parking lot. Commissioning is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2022.

The trend for "green" construction dates back to the beginning of the first energy crisis of the 70s of the last century. When the price of energy resources made everyone turn their attention to the importance of the problem of energy conservation.
2018-10-16 14:47:14
(Українська) Space4 - це перший інноваційний бізнес-центр, сертифікований за міжнародним стандартом BREEAM та єдиний БЦ з офісами класу А в м. Рівне.
2021-05-28 15:00:36