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Competition among shopping centers of Kiev is high enough, which raises requirements both for the appearance of such objects and internal filling. If architectural features are not taken into account, one of the main criteria for the attractiveness of the shopping center / shopping center is the properly selected outdoor lighting. Here it is necessary to understand that the game of light and shadow can strengthen the architectural idea of ​​the object or destroy it. That is why it is important to pay attention to the design of the lighting project and adhere to it during the implementation phase.

With regard to the inner atmosphere of the mall, the main task is to keep the buyer and encourage him to come back here again and again. In other words, the frequency of visits and purchasing activity directly depend on the comfort of the TC / TPC. It is possible to distinguish a number of criteria that are standardized and are standard for a comfortable stay, such as temperature, illumination, humidity. However, there are a lot of other parameters that directly affect the behavior of a person. Everyone knows that monotonous sounds, muted light, fresh and moderately warm, combined with a mild aroma of air give the maximum effect of relaxation. In turn, rhythmic music, bright light and fresh scent encourage action. That is why, for the successful operation of the mall, it is extremely necessary not only to provide a high-quality microclimate, intelligently selected light, good voice and video display system, but also have the possibility of their zonal control. In the hands of a competent manager and marketer, a coherent engineering infrastructure will give the opportunity to live the object, sending people who are willing to buy, into the shopping area, tired – in the recreation area, and the hungry – in the zone of the food court.

“For the success of shopping centers VERY necessary not only to provide quality microclimate correctly choose LIGHT, good scoring and system of video, but also to have the possibility of zone administrations”.

Requirements for climate systems are presented from different sides. Regulatory authorities require that the climate meets the minimum standards of comfort and safe stay of people in the shopping center / shopping center. For this purpose, it is important to develop design documentation and implement the systems, adhering to the rules and regulations.

It is important for the mall operation service to make the systems simple and reliable in operation and maintenance. For these purposes, the concept and correct technical instruction are developed and agreed with the service department before designing.

The goal of the owner is to obtain maximum profit from the activity of the object. Therefore, at the first stage, before the development of a technical task, design and implementation of climate solutions, it is imperative that the customer receive a feasibility study for the engineering solutions of the future TC / TC. This feasibility study allows the owner to understand which technical system will bring the object the most benefit during the operation. As a rule, this is not the cheapest solution on the part of capital expenditures, but it should be the most profitable in terms of returning investment.



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