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The main products of the company are digital TV channels, CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs, monitors, computers, plasma displays, TVs for monitors, TVs, mobile communications. Vslіd is new to the digital environment, a company LG Electronics is intensively expanding and selling partners with a variety of innovative digital products in the field of new technologies from the new areas of innovation, strategic strategy, this will be important. Information about the company’s LG products can be found in the press, on TV, radio, in the subway and in your city. In an hour of their robots in Ukraine, the representative sponsored a series of visits, mid-year warto events, the Internet show “Evrika”, and the Karaoke festival, which have become especially popular and traditional.



Company LG Electronics Inc. -Life leader in the field of electronics and telecommunication.

Power supply
Structured Cabling System
Safety system
Plumbing and sewage
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Complex installation work
Commissioning works
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A very important point in the functioning of any building intended for the use of groups of people is the availability of an effective air conditioning and ventilation system.
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