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Car showroom Jaguar/Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover has introduced a single, two-brand format for Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships. The car dealership provides a deep and cozy atmosphere for their visitors and full caring and service for their cars. Innovative approach, new technology, exquisite British style in a showroom featuring 7 Jaguar cars and 7 Land Rover cars in its territory. The space around the car allows them to “breathe”, and specially designed lighting emphasizes their uniqueness. For the highest level of customer service, new dealerships offer unique advantages: 10 substitutions, airport service and track for off-road testing of cars, so that each customer can fully ensure the best driving performance of Jaguar and Land Rover. Dealer centers are also provided with areas for rest and work: a children’s room, a place for the mother and the child, a barista bar and a comfortable lounge area.


Winner Automotive is the official dealer of Land Rover, Volvo, Ford, Jaguar and Bentley cars.

Introduced solutions. The term of realization is 8 months
  • The installation of electric lighting is based on the equipment of the Ukrainian brand Yasa. Most designer lamps are replaced by Ukrainian analogues according to the brand-beech customer.
  • The system of power supply is made from the calculation of all current consumers and taking into account the prospects of the needs of powerful electric charging stations. Integration of the energy management system is foreseen.
  • The system of automation and dispatching of engineering equipment is installed. Measures of economy are introduced through integration into the monitoring system of the existing automotive center. Replaced expensive solution for Dali lighting management to individual development solutions based on controllers of the dispatch system.
  • A certified, structured computer network has been introduced. Wireless coverage is seamless and is designed for radio planing.
  • In-site networks are implemented taking into account the development potential of the facility. The established reserves allow to further modernize the facility without violating the oblast’s territory.
  • Security systems are designed taking into account brand requirements. The entrances and exits are equipped with automated barriers. The system of restricting access to the internal zones of the object is introduced. Video surveillance is implemented with maximum coverage of the courtyard and maintenance area.
  • Implementation of engineering decisions was made in the calculation of maximum optimization of capital costs and taking into account the economic exploitation of the facility.
Multimedia, IT
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Execution of installation work
Implementation of commissioning works
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