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L-Kvartal. Office-residential complex.




Residential complex “L-QuarterL” is positioned as an abandonment as a quarter of successful people. The very same success people have a great deal of appreciation for the lack of space and the high level of devoleera. When there is a living complex, the zabomnik is in front of the front of the building, which is comfort and safety.

Implementation of the solution. Realization lines: 24 months.

A special emphasis in the robot on the project was laid on without interruption and electropostation and vinyatty safety on the territory of the living complex.

Realized design and installation robots in part of electrical distribution and electrical installation.

In the interior-budinkovka and the front facade renovation of victorious ordinary economic restoration of the Ukrainian brand Yasa.

A new complex of weakly built infrastructure has been implemented, allowing you to push the servants of the operator of the television tower and the sound without any internal shredding.

A system of automation and dispatching of engineering ownership has been provided, allowing you to go ahead and get out of touch with the ownership of the living complex.

Viconano project and installation of video surveillance systems, access control systems, security signaling systems, intercom systems, as well as a living complex for high comfort and safety.

Electicity and lighting
Control and access control
Doorphone system
Inner courtyard lighting
lightning protection and grounding
Designing engineering systems
Assembling engineering systems
Commisioning engineering systems
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