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Hypermarket of building materials Leroy Merlin

Hypermarket of building materials Leroy Merlin in Retrovill mall

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A new implemented project by Advansys. This time our team of engineers collaborated with one of the largest home improvement and renovation chains in Europe – Leroy Merlin. This project included the creation of climate systems in the company’s store in Kyiv, which is located in the Retroville shopping center.

Due to the availability of building materials in the room, it was necessary to implement an effective ventilation system. The peculiarities of the goods require the creation of a special microclimate, and to ensure comfortable work of the personnel, clean air is needed. Choosing the equipment for the ventilation system, we stopped at the plenum and exhaust plants manufactured by Frapol. An efficient air exchange model was implemented and conditions were ensured under which dust particles and gases do not enter other premises of the center.

And the most efficient use of energy and heat is the responsibility of rotary recuperators, which save on heat losses when ejecting processed air from the room. In the recuperator, the air that is discharged to the outside gives heat to the fresh cold air that is supplied to the interior of the room. Thus, in Leroy Merlin there will be not only clean and fresh air, but also warm in winter.
To cool the supply air in summer, LG compressor and condenser units are installed. This choice is not accidental, because this equipment combines a number of innovative technologies and is distinguished by high energy efficiency. In addition, this system has been repeatedly applied to our previous projects and tested by time in real-world settings.

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