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Sport Complex "Liko-Sport"

Back in September 2013, Liko-Holding Company fully commissioned the modern Liko Sports Complex, which today is the base of the national jumping team, is hosting the State Olympic Jumping Training Center, a children’s and youth sports school. Triumph “, SportLife fitness center and other sports and entertainment complexes.

The Sports Center regularly conducts sports meetings and training camps of the national team of Ukraine, national and international championships. In September 2013, the TV show “The Watchtower” was filmed.

The task turned out to be very interesting because the facility has a fragmented infrastructure. Facilities include: Federation of Ukraine Jumping in the Water, Olympic Training Center, KYUSSh Triumph, BF My hometown, Lounge Cafe, Sport Life Fitness Center with gyms and swimming pool; Bruges Beer Restaurant; Water Sports Theater.
Particular responsibility was added by the fact that this year the Liko Sports Complex will host the European Jumping Championships

The implemented solutions. The implementation period is 10 months.

n energy audit was conducted and a decision was made to improve the energy efficiency of the facility.

The project documentation was prepared and the automation and dispatching system was installed. After the implementation of the system, operating cost measurements showed a 10% saving on energy.

Work has been done on the design and installation of the recovery system of the inflow and exhaust systems. The heat recovery effect of up to 80% was achieved. Energy consumption has decreased by 20%. The cost of implementation was 2 years of operation.

The lighting system has been modernized. Replaced fluorescent lamps for low-cost LED lighting. The cost of implementing the event was 7 months.

The system of utilization of heat from the inflow and exhaust system of the pools is implemented due to the condensation of moist air and the re-use of heat to heat the supply air. Excess heat is discharged to the DHW.

The system of control of heating of premises by means of thermostatic equipment is implemented. It made it possible to adjust the climate of the premises more precisely.

Features of the Palo Sport "Liko"
Aqua zone
The pool, which requires heating around the clock and year-round, and also has special requirements for the microclimate due to the increased humidity.
Gym and fitness studio
Sports facilities have special requirements for ventilation and air conditioning.
Children's Fitness Academy
A restaurant
Restaurant with technological equipment for beer production.
Виміряні результати випробувань
ПараметрыВентиляційна система
Тепловий ККД°С737174738289718671837479
20 years
8 years
TN with heat recuperation
40% savings on heating of hot water and heating of the pool
10 years
2,7 years
Recreators tired-wit. Ventilation
70% savings on air heating
9 years
3 years
Recreators tired-wit. Ventilation
70% savings on air heating
10 years
2,7 years
TN with heat recuperation
40% savings on heating of hot water and heating of the pool
Lifetime of the equipment
Payback period
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One of the best sports complexes in Ukraine - Liko Sports Center
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